OlaStodółka 500 www.olastodolka.plI am a designer from Cracow, Poland. I have been interested in art since my childhood years. Over time I have gradually focused my attention on the forms of human material culture, which has evolved into fascination with clothes history, and consequently with fashion. I acquired and extended my knowledge by studying Clothes Design at the School of Art and Fashion Design, as well as Technology of Clothing at Garment Industry School Complex, among others.

I see fashion primarily as a meeting of applied arts and fine arts, the effect of which is a creation that is both functional and aesthetic. Governed by this principle I place great importance on technological issues, such as careful choice of fabrics, proper construction, and high quality tailoring in my design. At the same time I attach equal significance to a pure artistic creation: concern for the innovativeness of the project, individualism as well as interesting, attention-catching detail.

I am inspired by fashion seen on catwalks and in the streets. I search for themes both in art and in nature. If I need an exceptionally captivating brainwave, I go to a concert, because my best ideas come when I listen to live music.