Femi-Line is a new initiative of UADO. Our new line contains t-shirts, dresses and blouses which in simple but powerful graphical form promote sisterhood, body positivity, famine support and development.

The latest Fragile Beauty collection is an experiment to investigate the applied possibilities for glass in attire styling. The Project was developed in cooperation with the Krosno Villa Glass Studio. Glass projects have replaced structural fabric elements, alternatively functioning as decorative applications.

UNIQUE is a brand for experienced women who value classic style in the spirit of minimalism, stylish and original design, as well high-quality natural fabrics. Collection Premiere consists of eleven elegant stylings for any occasion, such as business office models, casual after hours outfits, cocktail dresses and an evening dress.

The collection is an attempt to define the complexity of woman's nature. It constitutes a subjective study based on contradictions in woman's inner structure, by creating a landscape of coexisting elements of power (primorodiality, mysteriousness, wisdom, inner intuition) and finesse (subtlety, sensitivity, empathy, affection for beauty).

Mini-collection inspired by ballet and the atmosphere of a morning meadow covered in dew. The effect of ethereality has been attained through a thoughtful combination of soft forms and airy fabrics in calm, pastel hues. Matching hand-made lace, plume and pearl accessories complete the collection.

This short set of dresses is an impression on the movement of fabric following the movement of a woman. Intense spectrum of colours and dynamic pattern of selected fabrics evoke associations with expressionist paintings. The photo session became the record of a dialogue between the dancer and the matter, expressed through varied choreographic compositions.

This collection has been born out of the fascination with the interwar period and art deco style, which finds its reflection in extraordinary, geometricised cuts, the sense of stiffness of forms balanced by airy, precious fabrics that include mainly silk combined with a variety of knitwear in markedly cool colours.