My name is Ola Stodółka, I live in Kraków, and I am a designer. I am also a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a friend. Fashion is my passion and my profession. I have come to know it well, when I was studying fashion design and clothing technology. For six years, I have been working for the biggest Polish clothing company, in which I have been designing clothes. Some of them are probably hanging right now in your wardrobe. In 2017, I founded the UADO brand, as I have my own idea for fashion, which I want to develop with you.

UADO was created out of the need to make wearer-friendly clothes, out of the belief that fashion can be wise and change the world, out of the respect for nature and organic quality, as well as out of the delight in beauty and perfection of simple forms. During its first year of operation, the brand has become a fashion circle of women warriors fighting for human-, animal- and environment-friendly world. It celebrates natural womanhood through graphics about sisterhood and body positivity. It honours traditional art by promoting the craft of embroidery that has become its hallmark. It places importance on conscious consumerism by using environmentally friendly textiles and by producing locally.

Femi Line

Femi-Line is a new UADO line of clothing comprising mainly of popular femi-shirts the brand is recognised for. The line will be gradually expanded. However, all the products will be consistent with the ideas of sisterhood, body positivity and women empowerment.



Girls Run The World

GIRLS RUN THE WORLD supports women’s right to pursue their goals and dreams in all areas of life in the spirit of women empowerment. It doesn’t matter whether you would like to be like Beyoncé or like Maria Skłodowska-Curie. The project honours a double Nobel Prize laureate, who was ranked in 2018 as the most influential woman in history by readers of BBC History magazine.

Available on: femi-shirts, dress

Siostrzeństwo V

Femi-Shirt with five women is a new graphic version of our favourite theme – sisterhood. It was born out of reflection on the power of feminine bonds – the real ones, based on wisdom, resistant to turns of fate. The ones that we intuitively miss. It happened when working on a campaign supporting the Rak’n’Roll Foundation (pun: Cancer’n’Roll). Therefore, in women you can look for similarities to the ambassadors of this campaign. However, you cannot see their faces, so in the sitting friends you can also identify yourself.

Available on: femi-shirt, sweatshirt kimono, sweatshirt raglan

Bogini (Godess)

The BOGINI (GODESS) Femi-Shirt is opening a line of products “under feminine invocation” – building a positive relation with oneself by using reinforcing, pleasant synonyms of the word “woman.” And BOGINI (GODESS) – as Jean Shinoda Bolen wrote – is in every woman.

Available on: femi-shirts, sweatshirt kimono, sweatshirt raglan



The first femi-shirt became a hit, which stated a whole line of women’s T-shirts. It expresses the need for new quality in women’s relationships based on loyalty, active support, non-aggressive counseling and affirmation of natural femininity. The graphic embroidery process is a tribute to the traditional artistic handicraft made by women in the past.

Available on: femi-shirt, sweatshit kimono, sweatshirt raglan, shopping bag


The Future Is Female

THE FUTURE IS FEMALE has a clearly feminist origin. The slogan “The Future Is Female” accompanies manifas – annual feminist demonstrations. On UADO t-shirts it is used in a less combative context and refers to the respect for women’s rights.

Available on: femi-shirt, dress, shopping bag



The sweatshirts are available in two shape: the kimono version has a universal cut, with a fashionably lowered shoulder line. The neckline, sleeves and bottom line are finished with an elastic welt. The fabric is fleshy, fluffy worsted cotton. The designer version of the sweatshirt takes the form of a short crop with wide raglan sleeves. Such cut is best combined with high-waisted trousers or a pencil skirt.



Trousers is something new in UADO offer, and, at the same time, they answer the always-unsatisfied need of all customers: elegant sweatpants. They maintain their functionality and features of sports clothes, but they are something more. We put a lot of attention to the fitting. You can forget knee-prints and hanging bottoms. This is guaranteed by a special design and well-considered material. We have also taken care about the details. The anatomy-following stripe echoes the natural line of the body, underscoring the feminine silhouette. The high waist is finished with a broad belt made of glittering rubber, which strongly highlights waistline. The bottoms of trouser legs do not have welts, so you can wear them straight, turn them up or rolled them up.


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